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How To Make a Dried Chile Puree

December 8 2015 , Written by Mark J. Hitt

If you are not from the Southwest or border areas, this may be a completely foreign concept to you, but I thought it worthy of writing about since I love my hot peppers and Texas Chili. Around the Austin area, most grocery stores reserves a section of...

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Tips for Keeping You Fire Burning

November 29 2015 , Written by Mark J. Hitt

The number one grilling holiday, Labor Day, is only a few days away, and I thought I would put out some grilling tips and recipes for you to take with you to the back yard. This is a short piece that I wrote for my grill review site, Grill Mojo. If you...

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Toasted Pumkins Seeds

January 2 2015 , Written by Mark J. Hitt

It was that time again. The carving of a pumkpin. But, oh, I could not let those seeds go to waste! So, I toasted them. I decided to get a bit more creative than previous years. Not a lot more, but more than the usual sea salt and butter. I pulled some...

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